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We are Eurocar Rentals. Founded in 2000, in Tirana. We are Albania’s most distinguished rental car company.

  • We provide more than just traditional car rental.
  • Our rental programs are designed specifically to meet your needs.

Meet the Fleet Start Reservation

What a Kind of Car You Want Great Rental Offers for You

Jaguar F-Pace

Start from €110.00 / per day
2015 Diesel air Auto 25000

Land Rover Discovery

Start from €90.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Seat Altea XL

Start from €38.00 / per day
2017 edition Diesel Air Manual 25000

Golf 8

Start from €0.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Skoda Citigo (2014)

Start from €17.00 / per day
2014 Gasoline Manual 25000

Volkswagen Up

Start from €20.00 / per day
2018 Gasoline Auto 25000

Volkswagen Polo 2017

Start from €20.00 / per day
2017 Diesel Manual 25000

Volkswagen Polo 2018 edition

Start from €25.00 / per day
2018 Gasoline Manual 25000

Volkswagen Golf 7

Start from €40.00 / per day
2018 Diesel Auto 25000

VW Caddy Maxi

Start from €45.00 / per day
2018 Diesel Auto 25000

Skoda Rapid Spaceback

Start from €25.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Manual 25000

Skoda Fabia

Start from €20.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Fiat Tipo

Start from €25.00 / per day
2019 Diesel Manual 25000

See What People Ask to Us FAQS

Lessor rents the vehicle, equipped with the necessary documents for circulation, in good condition, presentation and maintenance and free of any known faults, that may affect the safe operation of the vehicle. If the Renter notices the contrary, he should make this known to the Lessor within 30 (thirty) minutes after the vehicle pickup.

The Renter recognizes to have perfectly understood the characteristics of the leased vehicle, in order to use it in accordance with the requirements of its category. Renter undertakes to return the vehicle in the same conditions, on the date, at the time and in the place specified on the page 1 of this Rental Agreement. The regular return procedure of the rented vehicle, can be proved by a valid copy of the Rental Agreement, only, dully signed by the representative of the Lessor, in the Vehicle Check in Report case, on page 1 of this Rental Agreement. The correct perform of the rented vehicle return procedure, can be proved only by a copy of a valid contract, dully signed by the representative of the Lessor and the Renter, in the “Return Vehicle” part of ” Check Out & Check In Vehicle Report “on page 1 of this contract.

To rent a car from Eurocar Rentals, you will need the following:

• To be 21 years old
• A valid driver’s license with a photo
• A photo ID (For example: a driver’s license or passport)

Eurocar Rentals accepts the following forms of payment:
Credit cards are accepted at airport and non-airport locations.
• MasterCard®
For sure, you will need to contact the renting location directly.
If the office is closed, please contact them when they open the next business day.
Please note:
• At this time, the only way to extend your rental is to call us.
• When extending a rental, the branch will need to place an additional authorization on your credit or debit card.
• Your rates are subject to change based on the length of your rental extension. Usually, the longer you keep the vehicle, the better deal you’ll receive because you can then take advantage of our weekly and monthly rates.
Pets are not allowed in rental vehicles.
The Renter shall not be refund in any case of unilaterally early break of the contract (agreement) or earlier return of the vehicle. In case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Renter authorizes the Lessor, without any limitations and at any time to retake the vehicle in possession and assumes the payment of all eventual costs

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